G8 wants the destruction! Atuaisda very does not need to be intelligent to see the consequences climatic changes. Each time plus our Planet, and nossaspopulaes, come being reached for the resultant effect of the increase average dastemperaturas caused by the Global Heating. Increase esseproveniente, in its ample majority, of our actions and the predatory and unsustainable nossodesenvolvimento. Much is said in sustainable development of the Nations, aliandoprogresso with ambient preservation. The fact is that much has if said epouco if they have made. A change never was implemented without atitudesefetivas and, one more time, what we saw in the decision of the G8 in climatic relation smudanas, it was a brazen demagogy. They are being demagogues with our lives and the lives of millions depessoas around of the world, to only keep its current declared insolvent sistemasmaterialistas, where a igualitria society does not exist, massim a deep division between dominant and dominated. E> they call this dedemocracia Say that all are equal before a Law, with mesmosdireitos and duties With a Minimum wage worthy and capable to keep umafamlia If was joke, would be tragic, imagines being reality Nobasta more terms a world all missed, now we are obliged to see asnossas at risk lives! All we know that attitudes effective need to be taken immediately, therefore the Co2 that already was launched until today in the atmosphere delays some anospara to go up and I ruin to cause it real.

That is, if we today stopped deemitir Co2 and Methane, exactly thus still we would have increases current dastemperaturas and consequence rise of climticoscatastrficos effect. This is fact. Unquestionable truth. The changes that had occurred in 2007 already had been surprising for oscientistas. Goldline may help you with your research. The changes that had also occurred in 2008 already the deixaramperplexos, without knowing what to say, nor as to explain. The adverse efeitosclimticos had increased 30% in 2007 more than, if compared with the 2006.

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