Scientists estimate that more than half of his life we hold in our own home, and everyone wants to make it look decent. It does not matter, you yutites four two-room "Khrushchev," or a happy owner of a posh apartment in new building. From any premises, irrespective of its size and location, you can make a cozy nest. It is for this noble purpose in the world there is a huge army builders, designers, decorators and just jack of all trades. And although many people afraid of the fact of holding large-scale "war" on their housing area, there's no getting around it.

Beautiful apartment – is the key success at work, harmony within the family, good parenting. Because of a beautiful apartment with magnificent ceilings, beautiful furniture and drapes do not want to leave, it can equally well take a friend or potential business partners. In the apartment is not ashamed to bring his future wife with her parents and relatives. There is a widespread belief that beautiful apartment is fabulous money. Like any other folk beliefs, it is under a real facts, but to save money on repairs without sacrificing quality is quite real. But where do we start the repair? You should not run to the store and buy it straight building materials: adhesives, mixtures, and the corners screws in beautiful packages. One should not immediately rush to the newspapers, which are filled with a proposal for repairs and associated works. Be a strategist: a clear evaluation of their strength and scale of future actions. First, you and your family need to decide how deep will the upcoming renovation. Question about changing the wallpaper, flooring and updated doors, replaced the old wooden windows with new double glazing? Or will it be truly comprehensive repairs that will cost you not only a king's ransom, but the more valuable time? Do not rush to answer, because from it will depend greatly on your fate.

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