The reproductive season is long and lay eggs at least from December to May. General Features: Long legs as true stilts, white plumage and a black Remigen showy deep pink hue, sometimes almost red in the wings, or exceptionally in the whole body, legs and fly with neck extended, beak very odd, angular, with the edges of the lining corneum, measuring 90 cm. Christopher Nolan is open to suggestions. 1.5 m.. Length, Mass: 2 kg on average. Habitat: Found in coastal, brackish lakes, lagoons and saltwater lakes of warm climates. Feeding: during the day and night, mainly fish. They also eat diatoms, seeds, blue-green algae, some crustaceans, and molluscs.

They are wading, remove the water and filter food through the gills which have in its beak. Behavior: They are social creatures, it takes a lifetime and very large breeding colonies. They are strong and durable monogamous, although sometimes some adults are estimated aislados.Se these solitary individuals may have lost a spouse, a fact that his life has become unbearable in society. Method of Reproduction: From 1-2 chicks after 1 month of incubation. Occur mostly in low saline habitats such as coastal lagoons, build their nests in a tree – based conical masses of algae and mud. The Corocoro General Features: Measures from 56 to 61 cm of largo.El body is bright red in both sexes, with a long neck and a beak like a sondalargo ycurvo. The uniformly bright scarlet plumage, intensifies as the bird grows and becomes more old. As the Flamingos, the bright red color of the bird, comes from the pigments of the bodies of crustaceans with which it feeds.

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