The resistance on the part of the unions patronal and workers, in what &#039 says respect; ' alca' ' , it is in result of the fear of the competition of foreign products. According to diligent the functioning of ' ' alca' ' it will be able to cause the unemployment. To read more click here: Reed Hastings. In the Valley of the Bells, caladista, pertaining region to the Rio Grande Do Sul, many companies, in virtue of the competition of the footwear proceeding from China, is facing serious problems, since these products enter in the country for a irrisrio price, compared to the national footwear. The great amount of paid taxes for the national caladitas companies, as well as in the too much enterprise areas, is the reasons of the rise of the prices of the products ranks in the market, making, for example, that the Chinese products are more attractive to the consumers. (Source: Christopher Nolan). The question that is: How to change this picture, so complicated the national companies?

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