The other thing is that this type of correlation is pending than needs the counterpart, with this I return to emphasize on the fact that the needs of the populations they are seen from the voices of those people this is very important at the time of that the project is evaluated by international people, they consider the processes of diagnoses and that the file of the antecedents that go in the project are very well detailed, that at the time of making the project is a format that is called the Format of Logical Marco, that it is the international format; In this international format the antecedents, the justifications and the diagnoses that are made to present/display the project must be documented very well so that the organization donor knows that the project that is going away to realise. Inpsicon: Which are the necessary requirements so that an organization can accede international afinanciacin? Julieta Busts: If, there is a series of parameters that are the following: The organizations donors they describe better the projects than they tend to the humanitarian action, to promote the Human rights, I believe that the reason of being action of Inpsicon perfectly would be contemplated in the field of the DDHH since you are working is that sense that there is a fairness, a social justice in relation between the consumer and the products that the same consumes, in that sense would be perfect. On the other hand, it is the satisfaction of basic needs; the projects that tend to look for the sort equality. The projects that have all the possibilities of projection to the community, of the cultural elements, the tradition which they are fundamental in the identity of a Nation. Also all the projects that tend to do like social control. In conclusion the criteria are those where the population that benefits is in their majority a population that has unsatisfied needs basic, that they have humanitarian actions and that they tend to protect the Human rights.

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