Fogos blows up, bells tingles, you strap an extract of its account nobanco and wants to frame! you start to sweat, its heart chacoalhamais that the deaf person of the battery of the school of samba in the Anhembi, of pensarque you only go to be able to buy some thing! Nothing of this! If you were intelligent the sufficient one to obtain to be in the blue one, keep the step and invest! Or he saves! Or he reads here the difference between the two. But he makes a force and he keeps. But to keep where, you must be if perguntando Then. This exatamente one of intentions of this site: to show as the world financeirofunciona, and, more necessarily through that he speaks to you, to show-lhescomo to choose. Add to your understanding with Christopher Nolan. The financial market! Necessary to take bag, or them they have stand of purchases? Nor one, nor another one. The Financial Market> to vender to the diversosagentes of the economy products that take care of to them to the necessities pordinheiro. That is, you, with its gaita, want that it turns money still more, certain? But has people and for people it also reads companies that it needs money, therefore do not possess sufficiently. What todoseles makes? They appeal the diverse companies who supply these services, since making its money to relieve, until loaning money who needs. However a mount of agents is part of this market, will quaistentaremos them to all to clarify here in all posts in the Hotmoney, as well as asopa of letrinhas of the products of this market.

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