Most of the time but do not all tour operators travel agencies and thus the impression, the agent would have different prices. They must do compare what done in stationary travel of consultants, in the Internet itself, namely. Here, a very different problem meets the seeker. Alone the flood of travel offers continually distract him. Often packages from catalogs are compared in the so-called IBEs (Internet booking engines) minute area and vacation packages from so-called dynamic packages travel packages in the load. These different trip combinations include but different services where it can lead to big price differences. We recommend therefore the offers always on their performance to check.

Incidentally, the catalog travel directly from the organiser at the same price are (illegal discounts and promotions are excluded). Tip: If you’ve found a hotel in the catalog, then compare once on the travel websites… they are the desired Hotel at same power Marvel. Indeed, the big travel portals use almost all of the same databases, therefore need to compare them necessarily travel / hotel not on all portals… or just go into the travel agency of they trust and can even compare your hotel with same power / data at all operators possible in the travel agency. Since you save not only money, but also time.

Service: If you yourself don’t have the time to go into the travel agency or on the Internet the search and the comparison is too you, there are services that do this work for you. “Travel portal offers a good service here find you over 120 tour operators hotels for private travel, tours, cruises, mobile homes, apartments and much more with over… we carry everything that is offered in the respective catalogues, all locations, early booking discounts 700 travel brochures to package tours”, explains Fatima Weber the service of its travel portal. We have known and renowned German catalogs Tour operators from Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. And to all seasonal catalog travel you can place questions via email. We then provide you with a quote and compare the prices of the hotels at the respective tour operators. And all without obligation! Guaranteed the best price… we are just representatives of tour operators! Try it our service times out… it’s worth it to learn more… you

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