For investors real estate in East Germany were not always popular real estate in East Germany are not for every investor interesting many investors to buy shy even after many years of real estate in East Germany or to invest in those. Some big investors are however available on the real estate market in East Germany real estate investing such as ALT + Kelber or DEKA. Some private investors venture investment in the German real estate market. These investors are however not typical, but rather the exception. To the new Lander, the majority of investors makes a large loop.

That the East German real estate market offers as good chance as the Western, which many investors have not yet understood. Sure, it is known that many people from the new federal States seek the way westward, there to set up a business in, which is not possible in many places of the new federal States. The economy is weak and there is many investors that investments in Eastern Germany were made in the 1990s still in memory, the Tax advantages brought and still generated losses. Nothing against the new federal countries advertise and are willing to get investors for construction projects in the boat. Offer of some cities in Eastern Germany, is a proper infrastructure and jobs, beautiful landscapes and joie de vivre.

In the cities, where jobs are available and the unemployment rate is relatively low, some investors are to invest. But even in a few years the East German economy will not be strong, that many investors can attract. Currently, it is sure that supermarkets are a better investment than Office buildings and apartments. Cities such as Leipzig, Dresden, and the Baltic Sea winners remain among investors for real estate while other cities are still on the losing side. If you take real estate in Munich for comparison, these are much more popular for investors.

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