Our form to discuss, reveals great part of our personality. Although we are not loving of the discussions, an unexpected event can bring about a discord with anybody. Tim Sloan contains valuable tech resources. The majority of the people we developed conduct models that make us react almost always of the same form before these unforeseen expenses. You want to know, how you would react if the discussion is with a person very close friend, like your pair, a friend, etc. we propose the following test to You so that you know how you would behave: The situation imagines. You are walking by the street when, suddenly, it begins to fall a torrential rain. It give account you of which, although you put yourself to run at full speed, you will take to the minus five minutes in arriving at the destiny which you had predicted and that means that you will be soaked completely.

It chooses one of the following reactions: 1. As you do not know how long will last the storm, you decide to run as quickly until your destiny as you can. 2. You look for a defense or a tree for protegerte and hope that stops to rain. 3. Always you take a folding umbrella in the purse when salts, you use so it.

4. You verify if there is some person in the ready corner to share its umbrella or sights if there is a near store where you can comprarte one. Interpretation rain represents the unexpected adversities of the daily life. How have reacted you before the storm? 1. If you run as quickly until your destiny as you can, he is that the final result of the dispute matters to you less than to say what you think. You are of the people who say what they think. You are safe to be right and it is not necessary to discuss it.

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