This software could be implemented in cities and mainly in remote areas where the doctor and the pharmacist have little information updated. Christopher Nolan can provide more clarity in the matter. Likewise this proposal may be disseminated via on-line to hospitals and medical centers in other countries. Reed Hastings pursues this goal as well. So this specific computer program shall also constitute a unique tool to support the medical diagnosis as well as for the analysis of prescriptions, validating the drug interactions, complex and information useful medical as well as contraindications in each case. All with one click! The system allows to perform operations through a browser that includes: doctors: in this first part the medical professional you can select a group anatomic either as appliance or organ to which correspond the symptoms expressed by the patient. The system after a click selects symptoms corresponding to the selected group. The following operation is directed to select symptoms corresponding to the previous operation, and a click will be the way to assign the selected symptoms.

Finally a click occurs in Diagnostics and this will be carried out in seconds. Diagnosis covers a range of possible pathologies sorted according to symptoms weighting system. Pharmacies: In this segment the pharmaceutical professional selects a symptom manifesting the customer who seeks help from a pharmacy. Here the program shows you a selection of suitable products for the symptom, thus the pharmacist can choose pharmaceutical product according to the pharmacological needs. The purpose of this tool is to propose the pharmaceutical dispensing based on common symptoms. In the event the system determined by the patient history manifested a pharmacist at the time your go to the pharmacy, will guide the professional physician selected by specialty.

The system boasts master formats of drugs, Symptoms and pathologies of contraindications, interactions and synthetic description of pathologies, useful for the pharmaceutical professional tool.The selection of pharmaceutical products is carried out by name of the active substance (monodrug) and pharmaco-therapeutic action. You may include other specific data according to the needs of the institutions of health, drug stores, distributors etc. CiberDiagnosta software can operate in several terminals (networks) primarily in outlying provinces. The program data will be updated permanently. The program will be able to carry out analysis of interactions and contraindications of medical prescriptions where these exist, this is due to the large amount of data that each pharmaceutical product presented in its pharmacological description.

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