We want to open, as that they are asking merchants, and alluded to the criticism they have received from the shops of the plaza. For its part, sociologist Javier Elzo, of the Deusto University, believes that tensions that have occurred between members of the 15-M and the forces of order are a tactical error. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Interstellar. He understands the use of the plaza as a symbolic space for a day or two, but you don’t see much output. If the objective is to occupy the Puerta del Sol and maintain a pulse with the police, which has already compromised too much, carry all the lose – explains-, I understand that neighbors and merchants are pissed. Elzo, proof that social movements can not lose the course are examples such as the environmental movement and feminist, who were born almost nothing and, after making mistakes, have achieved part of its objectives.

The sociologist looks like single output an empowerment of the spaces of discussion, which does not necessarily have to be in Sun or plaza Catalunya, and the actual use of the forums on the Internet. Reasonable claims in a poll conducted by the Ipsos market research Institute before the incidents of This Thursday, he concludes that you between six and eight and a half million people recognize having participated actively in the 15-m movement Also 76% of respondents believed that the claims are more than reasonable and that they have the democratic right to fight for them and only 7% showed against them. Elzo is suspicious of the terms of this survey. What means actively, what means more than reasonable? he wondered. Elzo clarifies that if they relate to agree, more than 70 percent of Spaniards would be it.The 15-M movement has a very realistic background: a more participatory democracy, change the type of economy, from a financial to a productive. You qualify these objectives as very important and is convinced that we are in an end of cycle. They demonstrate that another cycle is possible, but the enemy is the financial capitalism, and certainly won’t be you beat camping in the Puerta del Sol. Source of the news: did the incidents of? the last few days deslegitiman the 15-M?

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