Especially the middle class suffers from unpaid, hard beizutrebenden claims. Dusseldorf – the outsourcing of customer management affects the five primary advantages also the resilience of a medium-sized company “, Nadine Ayachi, the Managing Director of DDM24 GmbH, makes clear. 1 competitive advantage Nadine Ayachi to: The most obvious advantage of the outsourcing of customer management is certainly the time advantage. The day-to-day business is relieved and more time for the operational business, which generates sales ultimately remains the company due to the savings in administrative activities.” “2. the resource advantage of Nadine Ayachi explains the resource advantage as follows: by reducing the resource binding in the own company fixed costs to variable costs be transferred.” 3. the cash-flow advantage for the effectiveness of the cash flows of an enterprise is demonstrably increased through outsourcing of customer management. This is due to the faster Payment by more professional and semi-automated processes by DDM24 GmbH established. “, Nadine Ayachi performs.

4. the Mahnungs – and collection advantage the Managing Director of DDM24 GmbH explains: specially the middle class is our experience with a stringent Dunning finds it difficult. Often, reminders are delivered not on time or not at all, which is reflected directly in a negative Cash Flow. Since the reminder being one of the daily business of DDM24 GmbH, our customers can expect high quality demands of us.” 5. the transparency benefit the transparency, which brings our offer with it, is a huge service advantage, because each of our customers can see the status of all outsourced claims at any time online in his password-protected area. As an additional service we offer our customers regular reports, even the Reportingturnus can be set individually,”says Nadine Ayachi for the fifth of the great benefits.

The feature in the range of DDM24 is the Customer management at an annual fixed price of 399. A planning security, which is good especially the middle class. On the Web page an interested customer can make a deeper impression of the DDM24 GmbH. Nadine Ayachi

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