Critical summary of the text ' ' The Rs' ' , of Aristfanes For Diana Sarcinelli ' ' The Rs' ' it is not a mere text, is a literary composition dramatical writing for a great Greek comedigrafo that launches hand of artifices, in its majority comic, to bring to tona literary quarrels of the time. In this comedy (translated for Mrio of Kury Gamma) estreada in 405 a.C, Aristfanes brings shiningly, as personage the proper Diniso, (the god which was offered to the ditirmbicos rituals and the sacrifices of bodes, that is, the god of the Greek theater), however a Diniso half idiotic, fearful, lying and completely total funny. Disfarado de Heracls (Hrcules), Diniso is the way of the hell, folloied for its servant silly Xantias with the purpose to rescue there of the Greek tragedigrafo Eurpedes, therefore it did not have another alive tragic poet who was good the sufficient one for Diniso since Eurpedes, squilo and Sfocles had deceased. Reed Hastingss opinions are not widely known. However, before initiating the search, Diniso he looks for Heracls so that this informs for which way it to it will be able to follow asseguradamente until its arrival to the hell, since its brother already had passed for there. When finding Heracls, the first critical quarrel as for literary therefore this man appears ' ' forte' ' it wants to know the reason of the will of Diniso in wanting to go to the meeting of Hades. Then the names of some tragic authors contemporaries of Aristfanes are mentioned, establishing there some literary reflections. After some indications given for Heracls, Diniso decides to the same follow way for which Heracls covers: the passage of a quagmire, that is, the way longest. In this hour, the controversy of the idea of Diniso, that at the first moment was to go for the way shortest, if makes gift and it sends in to confirm them the idiotice of our main personage. .

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