This word of God, inspired for the experience of Pablo, more than what never it is used in this context. It perceives that it has urgency. Here it is that the death is evidenced spiritual of a person, not only for words, but also, when we leave of involving in them with the spirit of the needed one. God if cheers of our omissive acts? I think that not! What me of the sustentation for in such a way? ITS WORD. In those days of Salomo it wrote in: Eclesiastes 12:1 Remembers its Creator while you still are young, before they come the bad days and they arrive the years where you will say: ‘ ‘ I do not have more pleasure in vida.’ ‘ This is happening with somebody of your knowledge.? The recklessness has given reason to the externao of the OMISSION for what the set of the participants of the church could be revezarem in the human heat who would radiate to the family. (I suggest: – Each one in rotation Is pointed 7 men to make use of 1 hour/day, to be sharing and demonstrating the exercise of the other side of the faith (assistance to the patients).

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