Both ways by separated are incompletos and only the sum of both gives the necessary totality to us for a deep understanding of any artistic work. Previously exposed it serves like educators at the time of sustaining our educative work to us; we can, without doubt, approach the work from numerous scopes. Nevertheless our proposal tries to emphasize the simple aspects and daily presents in the literary text to arrive at the student. We propose the study of signs keys within the text, like the archetypes and symbols, to turn them into keys able abrir the mind of the young people. The study of these signs as well as the translation of them in a comprehensible language for the student of Average Education have direct relation with the creative capacity of the professor to transform those elements into connections that do sense to him to our young people.

The student needs to feel identified with the thematic ones and the literary reasons, don’t mention it bond that the student reads the Quijote if the text does not manage it to worry, to affect or to stimulate. The young person learns to value what she reads when, besides entertaining itself feels like part and accomplice of the narration.

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