The workhouse of Italy or home of the mafia? Reggio Calabria – who doesn’t know this? You looking forward to the holiday for weeks. Wants nothing more than lazy in the Sun are, finally time to read, otherwise all relaxed just be let. But after two days, doubts. Lounging on the beach – nice, but is it all? Calabria – which forms the tip of the Italian boot is a top address for a well dosed mix of beach and active vacation in a region with stable summer weather until well into the autumn. There is indeed no longer a secret tip. But overrun by tourists such as Tuscany or the Marche to Rimini not Calabria with its 780 kilometres of coastline long ago. While this region is exciting scenic. Because the 1500 km long mountain range the Apennines, which crosses from North to South Italy, located at the end of the boot again to considerable height of more than 2000 metres in three smaller mountains ALZA: in the Pollino, Sila and the Aspromonte. You may find that Jonathan Blattmachr can contribute to your knowledge.

In Calabria no more than 50 miles from a place of both coasts is located, the area offers best conditions for holidays on the beach – with paddle, surf – or sailing deposits – in combination with mountain hikes and Stadtetripps. The 6800-inhabitants town Tropea leads the hit list of the Calabria travel destinations with its scenic location on a cliff above the sea. There who has booked a package holiday with the plane, should not save the money for the car. It is better off, who goes by car or motorhome on tour. He can explore places not offered by most tour operators.

Not only locals rave about the California of southern Italy. For Fritz Petermann is that Calabria is the most beautiful, scenic varied and prominent climate region in the Central Mediterranean. Since he retired, he spends the most time of the year in the “California of Italian”, as he says.

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