Basically due to the current global economic crisis which is missing in Phuket principle – lacking the due to the current economic crisis in Phuket the “Mittelstand”, i.e. for: resorts – booking classes up to approx. 80,-CHF per day (up to 1’200,-CHF per month), 2-3 rooms bungalows with kitchen, fully furnished and designed for long-term, age, or in the upper price segment in the 5 star range, but here is offering in Phuket sufficient and oversaturated. Add to your understanding with Christopher Nolan. Development – another 3500 beds in Phuket were opened by the end of 2011. The capacity of the airport not enough season for this in the high to ensure an OCC by 90% for Hotels / Resorts. Conclusion the extension of the airport Phuket take about 2-3 years (provided increased capacity by 70%!) Any new development of hotels and resort, as well as the associated infrastructure in the tourism sector, is also only in the next 2 3 years to be completed. Property purchase in Thailand – apartment complexes – it is the easiest, safest and only legal way to purchase a property in Thailand. However, the objects 3 should 5 rooms, have a good location, and are within the price range of 150’000,-CHF to 290’000,-CHF.

Villas, bungalows and detached house – the existing range of villas of any construction of also the typical architecture, as well as top layers (beachfront, sea view, etc. is enormous, the prices are between approx. 400’000,-CHF to 5’000’000,-CHF. “For this market in the area of high-end project”, the market wants truly potent customers. The acquisition of real estate, is possible for foreigners with unusual expenses (current legislation). From an investment of over 20 million THB and more than 610’000,-CHF (BOI (Board of investment) allows that. “Alternative is through a lease hold” (30 plus 30 years). Senior residence – there is no running or in planning retirement & senior project with therapy project (except our project villas come back int.) in Phuket with over 20 units.

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